Neal Unger in Bed

While the title sounds spicy, I just want to detail our nighttime routine. After skating during the day, and working around the house, running errands or helping the neighbors out, Neal settles down to play GTA5 (he has the Deluxo flying car now), or we watch TV or Netflix until I’m ready for bed. Bedtime depends on my schedule for the next day, but we usually start getting ready for bed around 10pm. Neal makes coffee and fills a thermos he keeps on his nightstand so we can each have a cup of steaming brew first thing in the morning.

Next he might snack on some Bakeology Vanilla Chai cookie bites (his current favorite) or sip some almond milk cold brew coffee—it doesn’t keep him awake the way it would me! Then we read to each other, or more often I read to him, and we cuddle.

Some books we’ve read together include biographies such as Jay Leno’s, and Anita Moorjani’s “Dying to be Me.” We’ve read The Secret, The Power, The Power of Now and other books by Eckhart Tolle. Esther and Jerry Hicks “Ask and it is Given” is one we are working on now. Byron Katie’s ‘Loving What Is” was enlightening, plus we just finished The Science of Successful Living by Raymond Charles Barker. It’s sort of my job to find books I think Neal will enjoy; if something isn’t a hit I don’t waste time on it. Our evenings together are too precious. While on vacation in Costa Rica we completed “Thirty Years Among the Dead!”

Tired of reading, I become the grateful recipient of a sensuous back-rub with coconut oil—usually for 30 minutes or more. Neal has healing hands, he’s a very loving guy. It’s a ritual that helps relax my muscles so I’m ready to sleep and seems to magically make Neal drowsy too. I know how lucky I am to get to sleep with such a special Dude!

How Old is Neal A. Unger?

Neal was born on May 4, 1957. This photo of him was taken around 1961.

As of this writing, he is 60 years old.

Online articles have pegged him as 70, 66, 63, who knows? He does. He enjoys looking old and acting young. Skateline host Gary Rogers called him “Old as f*ck,” at the premier of We Are Blood, and that about sums it up. Neal has naturally white hair and more wrinkles than I can count, they pool up and fade out around his six (eight?) pack abs. See for yourself if you catch him shirtless, which he often is. I was in a salon once when he rode behind a hedge and the ladies in there with me thought he was actually naked! Silly girls.

neal has the best bone density in several states

Another time I was getting my hair trimmed and the beautician said, “He’s going to break a hip!” not knowing he came there with me. I hear that a lot; people don’t realize how often Neal falls down, on concrete usually. He knows how to do it, skaters learn that early. Although I can’t prove it scientifically, I have reason to believe that Neal Unger has superior bone density. Bones strengthen when they get surprised by a jolt; do it often enough and they get really tough! Neal broke his foot once. He didn’t stop skating but he learned to ride switch (with his less dominant foot).

Neal skates within his limits

You don’t see him doing the nine stair. He does a lot of street skating and he is aware of what’s going on around him. He doesn’t wipe out into traffic. His board doesn’t shoot out and ding a car in a parking lot. Elderly folks (like him) on the sidewalk needn’t fear falling because Neal won’t knock them off their feet. Maybe inexperienced street skaters sometimes make those crappy mistakes, not experienced skaters like Neal.

He IS loud, his powerslides and bounce tricks have the capability of splitting ears for miles. The worst have triggered reactions from frightened dogs, and once, a startled toddler. The latter time Neal felt bad, apologized, and stopped skating in that area that day. Most of the time kids love what he does! As for the dog, he started chasing Neal and they both turned it into a game.