How Does Neal Get on TV Commercials?

Watch for Neal Unger in the Binge Better television commercial for


And it always involves travel. Neal has an agent in Hollywood,, James Delio. The agency solicited Neal for a part in an Ecos de Andes commercial, a bottled water company, that Neal traveled to Argentina to shoot. Before he had an agent Neal was featured in a SportsCheck ad that he shot in Munich. Later he was privileged to make ads for O2, a phone company, in Berlin and South Africa. In every case these companies paid for his travel expenses.


Neal has been fortunate to tout products like that he uses himself. He listens to The Power by Rhonda Byrne, in fact he had that on his ipod when I first met him, it was something we discussed. And he has the book Russian Roulette, that helps us understand current political situations. Both are on his iphone now thanks to The commercial is titled “Binge Better” and is being aired on national TV at the present time.


So when the agent calls, Neal has a choice to respond or not. The Audible audition was in Glendale, so we took our African Gray Parrot, Raul, got a Motel 6 where pets stay free, and made a day of it. Enjoyed the mall, got great salads, and Neal got recognized on the street. As usual, he took photos and signed boards. He loves attention! If you see him, don’t hesitate to say hello.


The audition was over in what seemed like seconds. We drove over to Stoner Park to skate and make new friends, and went back to our Coachella Valley home. Then he got a call back. I couldn’t go with him that time so it was a grueling 5 hour round trip alone, again for what seemed like seconds. When the agent called and said there was another call back Neal said no, not going to drive all that way again, if they don’t want me I can live with that. I was not very supportive of him dropping the ball on this gig like that, but there ya go, can’t control this man.

A day or so later the agent called again, “They want you,” and Neal makes a trip for wardrobe fitting, and another to do the shoot. But it’s firm and he’s ok doing it. I couldn’t go with him either time because of my work as a midwife, I had an upcoming birth so I couldn’t leave town.


The shoot was on a beautiful day, outdoors, and he just had to skate at top speed. He had a lot of fun, everyone was super nice to him and Neal gave me a call to say “Thanks for pushing me!” Imagine! I guess I can be a bit pushy, lol.


Today is my day off and Neal is pushing me! He could be at Sidewinder park in El Centro skating with his cameraman and friend Tanner McFarland. Instead he’s taking me for a hike at the Palm Springs Aerial Tramway, where we use our annual passes for my workout in the butterscotch-scented cool mountain air. Love this guy!

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