Neal Unger’s Rides

When Neal Unger, aka Old Man Skateboard, gets out on the street, he isn’t always pushing his skateboard! Often he is driving me to work or our kid to school or picking up something he needs from the hardware store. What does Neal Unger drive?

Grayspot Tailgate Interview
here are the dude’s favorite cars, now and then

Currently Neal’s collection of vehicles includes:

A 2002 Triumph Bonneville America 100 year Anniversary Edition motorcycle, manufactured the same year the factory burnt down, according to Neal. It is very possibly his favorite vehicle, it is loud and proud!

A 1974 Ford F-100 pickup, nicknamed Grayspot due to its primer gray color. Grayspot runs well, has a nice interior and gets lots of attention on the road. This truck was featured in the six minute documentary, From Pines to Palms by Old Skateboards.

We still have my 1997 Toyota Camry XLE

It’s a 6 cylinder, 4 cam, 24 valve, British Racing Green¬† poor man’s Ferrari! With almost 300,000 miles, stickers and guerrilla tape hold the exterior together, and custom-Neal-created fixes both outside and inside abound; this baby purrs like a kitten, has plenty of power, and everything works! This is the car I was driving when I first met Neal. The only thing that precipitated a change for me was hitting a tree branch at midnight on my way to a birth–the branch broke a headlight and dented both fender and bumper. After that I really needed a nicer looking vehicle for meeting clients. Trust me though, ’97 Camrys are great cars!¬† The MPG is good, too, 26 highway after the last major tune-up.

A 1993 Toyota Tacoma 4WD pickup

It has a matching color shell, custom-fitted by Neal, and we’ve taken it to Idaho to visit family, camping on the way. Lots of work in this one and it is in good shape and ready to sell. Neal posted it on our local Craigslist.

And don’t forget my car, a 2001 Toyota Camry CE 5 speed stick shift. The clutch is like butter, perfect for an old lady like myself. With 4 cylinders I was hoping for better gas mileage; I am now aware MPG depends a lot on driver technique, so, um, we are not doing so well on that as we could be.

Neal Unger’s Past Rides

When I first met Neal he drove a 1966 Chevy Caprice with a 396 V8, a 12 bolt rear end, a genuine collectable muscle car and daily driver. Previously, he owned a 1990 Honda Prelude sports car with 4 wheel steering–says it drove like a carnival ride! Before that a 1987 Grand Trans Am Firebird and before that a 1969 Dodge Coronet 500. Neal Unger’s first car was a 1963 red Volkswagon notch-back, followed by a home-built baja bug, another bug, and a 1963 volvo station wagon with a 4 speed stick, and a 1976 kawasaki 500 triple 2-stroke motorcycle. His 1959 Chevy El Camino had a 327 V8, his 1965 Ford F-100 had a 352 V8. Additionally, a 1967 Chevy van, a 1974 Ford Turino station wagon, a 1967 blue volkswagon fastback, a 1996 Kawasaki green 900 bike, and finally a 1964 Plymouth Valiant, and a 1976 Toyota Corolla liftback that was light blue and got 32 MPG. That’s all Neal can remember today. Ask him another time, there might be more!

I only want a Tessla. Neal’s future and fantasy pics in the car world have grown complex: a 1968 or 69 Datsun 510 that’s converted to full electric, a 1967 Ford Falcon stick shift, an early 60s Plymouth stick shift, or any pre-smog anything, running or not…contact him if you want to talk or trade; he never tires of cars and bikes, or anything with wheels for that matter!

Someday soon we will put a unique travel machine together and use it to tour skateparks and the best street skating spots we can find; we might make a documentary complete with hidden camera excerpts!

Neal on Wheels!


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