Neal Unger’s Book on Skating and Philosophy

Neal shares his thoughts on being human, the meaning of life and whatever else he can think of…grab your best tricks and go for a ride with The Dude!

The Most fun I’ve had writing anything, ever!

Shortly after we met I realized Neal has a gift for gab, and that there were real gems of wisdom in much of what he said. I decided to try to capture some of his insights by tape recording him at random intervals. The result was Dude Logic, available as an ebook on Amazon Kindle. If you don’t have a Kindle reader you can get a Kindle app for your phone and download it there. I think it is also still possible to read the first chapter for free from the Amazon page.  Priced at $2.99, just to get it out there.

Keep in mind I’m in love with this man, devotedly recording his every word in the car while he’s driving (he loves to drive!), in bed in the morning (he seldom drinks coffee–it’s a waste of caffeine since he has so much natural energy!), in places he skates (and fewer places he doesn’t skate!), waiting in line at the bank and every other free moment.

i learned to let it be

I am a bit of a control freak so I expected to do a lot of editing. When I started transcribing the tapes, however, I found myself listening more intently. At first I’d stop the tape, write in how I expected the conversation to go, and turn the tape back on–only to discover he went in a completely different and surprising direction that was much better than what I’d anticipated! So I learned to let it alone, to go with the flow and pace Neal set and to follow his thread to the end before judging it. There were many pleasant surprises!

getting to know neal

Maybe writing this book together was important for our relationship. I just know it was loads of fun and we want to do more of it.  Hopefully readers enjoy riding the waves of wisdom and interesting musings with us–as much as we enjoyed creating something so unique and personal.

Thanks to Heverton Ribeiro, photographer, and Victoria Nicks, editor in chief at decoded science, for the amazing cover!

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